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WRX parts make the new Subaru Impreza a great choice

 by KenWilson

The Impreza WRX STi is the car that most speed passionate ones, motor sports fans or thrill amateurs dream of driving. This car requires a special dexterity in order to drive it properly. One needs practice and supplementary knowledge in the art of driving in order to enjoy all the options, power, comfort and safety that STi has to offer – a car that is a challenge and a bliss on wheels at the same time.

The boost of the WRX STi has a powerful engine behind, namely the SUBARU BOXER 2.0 – turbo engine, designed and perfected by Subaru Technica International (STI). They have also designed and developed the plans for the models used in the World Rally Championship. The results are overwhelming: 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.5 seconds, 244 kilometers per hour. Maximum power CP/rpm: 265 CP/6000.

As suitable for a car of legendary capacities and with the Symmetrical AWD Subaru system, the suspensions of the WRX STi have known ample improvements in order to augment the stability and the control geometry changes in difficult angles – regardless if it is on or off road. A rigid support arm softens the movement in the transversal frontal bar, diminishing attitude changes during sudden maneuvers.

The WRX parts that include top frames of the optimal suspension help not only improving the feeling of solidity, but also improve the establishing of the direction, performances and comfort of the trip and reduce the noises and the vibrations from the road. Because many of the WRX parts modifications introduced as standard endowments on the WRX STi model derive directly from the competition model, the driving potential increases and many STi owners shall definitely enjoy a great sports car.

An important aspect regarding WRX parts is that producers spared no expense when dealing with safety issues. Big Brembo discs with Break Antiblock System with four sensors and four channels and Break Force Electronic Distribution devices guarantee the fact that breaking forces will distribute equally while moving away from potential sources of danger. The frontal SRS (Supplementary Restrain System) is standard. A great aspect of WRX parts is the special device incorporated in the wings of the car. It absorbs the impact in order to protect pedestrians, a fact which reduces the most common cause of head injuries if a pedestrian happens to suffer an impact with the front part of the car.

As the Subaru WRX STi is an elegant car, no one can overlook the WRX exhaust system. Its designers have specifically taken care of this aspect so that it should fit the dynamics of the car and so that it should be functional. WRX exhaust comes with all the needed hardware included. In this manner, it is functional from the first moment you own it. As expected, the WRX exhaust system uses only state of the art materials.

As feedback from the clients is of great importance for the design of the new WRX STi and of the WRX parts, the WRX exhaust system and accessories have improved over the years. Both elegant and functional, the WRX STi is definitely a car that deserves your full consideration when you are facing the decision of buying a car both elegant and first-class functional.

The WRX STi is one of the latest developments of the Subaru Corporation. Due to the new WRX parts and especially to the technologically superior WRX exhaust system, it is an excellent choice as a sports car, for amateurs as well as professionals.

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