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Top 5 Japanese Car Modifications

Top 5 Japanese Car Mods

2005 tuned Acura RSX

2005 tuned Acura RSX

Your Japanese import is a hot ride for many reasons, but none of them have to do with your stock equipment.  It really all comes down to the big and small extras you end up installing on your ride to give it the killer look you want.  And, Japanese car mods are essential to stepping up your performance level behind the wheel.  Ultimately, performance upgrades are a must in order to get the most out of your car and your driving experience.

  1. Upgraded Exhaust System
    Your car’s tone and timbre are important. And, with an upgraded exhaust system installed on your ride, you get a sound that’s unparalleled from those other cars rolling off factory lots.  Performance car mufflers provide those rich tones you’re looking for especially if you need a new Acura exhaust.
  2. Cold Air Intake Systems
    Cold air intake systems ramp up your ride’s performance levels by lifting those gains in horsepower and torque to new levels.  They’re perfect for all kinds of vehicles.  And, if you’re looking for a 350z cold air intake , you definitely have your priorities straight. What’s more, many people find a lot of satisfaction in a K&N intake.
  3. Performance Chips & Tuners
    Unleash the hidden power in your vehicle by selecting from an array of performance chips and tuners.  Those factory settings often rob you of feeling bigger gains and a greater sense of command from the driver’s seat.  With car tuning chips, you make the call and select options based on how you want your engine to perform.
  4. Performance Brake Pads & Rotors
    When the weekend hits and the track calls your name, a new set of brake pads and rotors are always a hot ticket install.  Performance brake pads are meant to absorb the wear and tear you put on your ride through hard driving, while a set of drilled rotors are a perfect way to keep those pads cools under pressure.
  5. Upgraded Shocks & Springs
    Get a better handle on the road with a set of upgraded shocks and springs.  A big time player in this market is Eibach.  Not only is it a name synonymous with success, but equipping your vehicle with a new set of Eibach shocks & springs is a smart decision.  While you’re at it, consider a set of auto seat covers to liven up your interior.

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