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Third Generation 2016 Honda Pilot Teased Ahead of Its Debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

Third-Generation 2016 Honda Pilot (teaser image)

Third-Generation 2016 Honda Pilot (teaser image)

The second-generation Honda Pilot that was started from 2009 is about to get replaced by the next-generation Pilot, as Honda released a teaser image showing the contour of the SUV which will make its debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

Honda hasn’t released much detail about the 2016 Pilot, but said the SUV

“will raise the stakes in the mainstream three-row SUV segment with new technology, advanced safety, class-leading fuel economy and enhanced family utility and versatility.”

Like the previous generations, the third-generation Honda Pilot is designed and built in America and will remain

“as family-friendly as ever, proving once again that driving the family truckster can be a joy”, according to Honda.

Comparing with the second-generation Pilot image taken at the same angle, the 2016 Pilot shows a “dramatic shift in design” with character lines running from the A-pillar all the way to the rear.

Second-Generation Honda Pilot

Second-Generation Honda Pilot

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