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The Japan car Industry

The Japan car Industry by Yoichiro Shiba

According to consumer reports, Japan cars still dominate the automotive industry. Consumers prefer Japan cars because of the reliability, performance and style. The count of Japan car owners is ticking every second. As per the predictions, Japan made vehicles will hold the top position based on reliability in every vehicle category by the year 2009. This tremendous growth of the Japanese automotive industry is due to the trust that the renowned Japan car manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Honda and Toyota have created among the customers.

Mitsubishi- The Unbeatable

Mitsubishi, the best Japan car manufacturer is well known for the style and dependability of their products. Starting from Mitsubishi Lancer, every Mitsubishi vehicle delivers unleashed power with great fuel economy. More than 6 million Mitsubishi Lancer variants were sold since its debut on 1973. The Japan trucks are the preferred one’s worldwide because of the same reason-“reliability”. The Mitsubishi L200 is a unique Japan truck (compact pickup truck). Style, dependability, comfort and great power to pull heavy weights are the attractions of this Japan truck. Mitsubishi L200 is still very popular since its launch on 1978.

Toyota – Reflecting Japanese Culture

Toyota’s existence in the automotive industry, as early as the 1930s has gained the automotive giants a lot of experience in manufacturing high quality cars. The aerodynamics of the Japan made Toyota cars is the noticeable feature. The exteriors of Toyota vehicles are considerably streamlined for proper aerodynamics to ensure great fuel efficiency and great riding comfort. Toyota cars reflect the simplicity and emphasize the fashionable design of classic styled Japanese culture. Toyota land cruiser “Prado” is the well known SUV. Toyota Prado has gained global attention and is one of the best SUVs that are available in the planet today.

Honda – Best cars from the world’s largest Engine manufacturer

Honda manufactures a whooping 14 million IC engines every year. Honda jumped into the automobile industry by manufacturing motorbikes. Later the debut of Honda S500 a 2-door roadster featuring a 492cc engine made them enter into the Car manufacturing spot in the 60s. Today, Honda boasts a wide range of top quality cars like CR-V, Civic, FR-V, Jazz, Legend and S2000. Honda CRV is the buzz in the SUV world today. The added luxury and comfort makes Honda CRV the dream SUV of all the SUV enthusiasts.

Buying used Japan cars is beneficial in many ways

Buying used Japan cars from a Japan car exporter is the wisest move that anyone can make. While the used cars will be as good as the new ones, they also come with the bundled accessories. Accessorizing your new car will drain your wallet. You can buy a used car at a 20-30% lower price than a new one and also save huge money spent in accessorizing your car. There are many websites who list the Japan car exporters online. These website are pretty simple to use and you can find your dream Japan car in no time. is one of the most reliable Japanese used car exporters. With a very huge stocklist that they have, you can choose your dream Japanese used car with ease. You can also look for Japanese used car auction spots using their website. When it comes to trading used cars, is the place to look for.

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