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Subaru Announced New Enhanced Next-Generation EyeSight System

Press Release : Subaru Announced Generation EyeSight System
Subaru Next Generation EyeSight System

Subaru Next Generation EyeSight System

Subaru announced a new improved EyeSight driver assistant system, which will be implemented on 2015 Subaru vehicles lineup in 2014.

Set to replace the current generation Eyesight system that holds the highest rating by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the new improved EyeSight system is 15% smaller, yet its detection range is 40% longer and wider than that of the current version.  It can now reliably detect brake light when the speed differential between two vehicles is up to 30 mph, 11 mph better than the previous version.

In addition to having a smaller size and better detection range, the next-generation EyeSight system features color cameras with faster response time.

Mounted interior on the upper windshield, at relative speeds under 30 mph, the EyeSight system can detect the vehicles or pedestrians in the vehicle’s path, traffic lanes and other items.  The system can stop or slow down the vehicle to help avoid the probable accident if the drive has not applied the brake.

Other functions the EyeSight system provides are the “Lane Departure Warning” and “Adaptive Cruise Control”, which respectively helps the car stay in its travel lane and keep a safe distance from the car in front.

See “Press Release” for more details on the EyeSight system and other new safety technologies that Subaru has to offer for its 2015 model year vehicles.

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