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Subaru Unveiled Its Future 3-Row SUV, to be Named “Ascent”

Subaru debuted the Ascent SUV Concept at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.  The styling concept also confirms the name Ascent for the upcoming Subaru 3-row SUV.

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept

The exterior design of the concept follows Subaru’s “Dynamic x Solid” theme with powerful fender flares representing Subaru’s all-wheel drive system and a large, bluff grille denoting a true SUV look.  With the wheelbase of 117 inches, the concept measures 198.8 inches long, 78.3 inches wide and 72.4 inches high.

Ascent SUV Concept with 7 passenger interior

Ascent SUV Concept showcases 7 passenger interior

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept's dashboard

The interior of the Subaru Ascent SUV concept features a flowing dashboard design.

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept with center captain's chairs

and a 7-passenger configuration with center captain’s chairs.

The Subaru Ascent SUV will be sold exclusively in the North American market starting in 2018.

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept Hi-Res. Images

Subaru Ascent SUV Concept
Subaru Ascent SUV Concept
Subaru Ascent SUV Concept
Subaru Ascent SUV Concept

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