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Sports Car-Wagon Crossover Features Innovative Gas/Electric Powertrain

MX SPORT TOURERNEW YORK – With its stunning iridescent orange paint scheme and sporty wedge profile, the innovative Mazda MX SPORT TOURER looks like the car of the future – and it is. The MX SPORT TOURER, which makes its North American debut at the New York Auto Show, features a unique hybrid gas-electric drive system, toroidal Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), free-style door system and flexible seating.

The Mazda MX SPORT TOURER concept car looks athletic and sporty, from its easily recognizable Mazda five-point grill to its sleek, wedge-shaped profile. The vehicle features the innovative freestyle door system first seen on the RX-EVOLV and RX-8 concept cars, which eliminates the center pillar for unrestricted access to the interior. The roof of the MX SPORT TOURER is comprised of a multi-panel vario-lamella glass roof that retracts from either the front or back, enhancing the open and airy feel of the interior.

Under the MX SPORT TOURER’s sharply sloped hood is a lightweight, high-output 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) and direct injection. A powerful electric motor and battery pack are housed beneath the cargo area floor. Together, this innovative powertrain provides the MX SPORT TOURER with four-wheel-drive capability, yet it is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The electric motor provides plenty of power for around-town driving while the direct-injection gas engine handles long-distance cruising. For an added burst of acceleration, the driver can push a steering wheel-mounted “Zoom Zoom” button that activates the electric motor, augmenting the power of the gas engine.

Power to the front wheels is transferred by Mazda’s unique toroidal CVT, which provides an almost infinite number of gear ratios. Wing-shaped shift paddles behind the steering wheel allow the driver to switch to manual shifting when needed.

The MX SPORT TOURER uses a new four-wheel multi-link suspension system and special shock absorbers that continuously vary the internal valving, resulting in optimal ride comfort and control. Regenerative braking is used to recharge the battery. The four-wheel disc brake system uses six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in the rear. Mazda’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) are also integrated into the brake system.

The interior of the MX SPORT TOURER combines the cockpit layout of a sports car with a highly flexible rear seat and cargo area. Four easy to read gauges are placed prominently in front of the driver, while other major controls are arrayed in the center console, which is finished in polished aluminum – a theme also found in the RX-8.

The seats incorporate a ventilation function and feature integrated seatbelts for improved comfort and convenience. The rear seats fold down automatically at the push of a button. To carry cargo that would otherwise not fit within the body, the driver can lower the rear window and slide the multi-panel vario-lamella roof forward, creating an almost pickup-like open cargo area. A parcel tray is also available to conceal items in the cargo area from view.

The MX SPORT TOURER incorporates the latest cutting-edge computer technologies, including an ID card-activated keyless entry system and a powered pop-up display with a large 10.4-inch screen. This unit can be removed and used as a cordless device for easy Internet or e-mail access (with Bluetooth standards).

Mazda North American Operations is responsible for the sales and marketing, customer parts and service support of Mazda vehicles in the United States. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., MNAO has over 700 dealerships.

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