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Review of 2008 Honda Accord

2008 Honda Accord Coupe
2008 Honda Accord Sedan

On a scale from one to five, the 2008 Honda Accord Sedan definitely deserves at least a four, and comes highly recommended by me, and most of the people that I know. The upscale appearance of this vehicle, its roominess and refinement, and the fact that it offers both a well-composed chassis and great V6 power are all pros that make the 2008 Honda Accord well worth its price. However, the 2008 Honda Accord is somewhat less than perfect, offering complicated controls, an excessive overhand in the front and a size that to me felt a little to heavy and large to easily control. The 2008 Honda Accord was impressive in a variety of different respects, but it seems that Honda has forsaken a great number of its most traditional principles. Whatever happened to Honda’s tagline “we make it simple”? I am not sure that is part of their game plan anymore if the 2008 Honda Accord is any indication.

When I first found myself becoming interested in cars, the hottest sedan version vehicle on the market was the second generation Honda Accord. It was more compact than pretty much every other competitor on the market, so it had nothing to do with size, and the single engine that was available only peaked at around 75-horsepower, so it had nothing to do with power. Instead, the second generation Honda Accord owed the success that it maintained for a great number of years to the corporate design ethic that Honda had created that put the highest priority on ergonomics, attention to detail and efficiency. This is where the ‘we make it simple’ ad tagline became such a popular part of Honda’s product line.

The 2008 Honda Accord is the eighth generation of the Accord. The newest generation Honda Accord is not small by any means, which is both a full twenty inches longer than previous versions of the sedan, and is also longer than nearly every other competitive sedan on the market. The width of the 2008 Honda Accord is up a whopping eight inches, and this version of the Accord Sedan is also four inches taller and about half a ton heavier. One definite improvement between the Honda Accord second-generation and the 2008 Honda Accord is that the base engine puts out a whopping 177 horsepower, and the V6 268 engine is a great step in the right direction.

Honda appears to be taking a ‘bigger is better’ approach when it comes to their newer vehicles, but it also appears that they have lost their great attention to detail when making the jump from small and stylish to large and powerful. I’ve test driven two different 2008 Honda Accords to date. The first was an EX-L that featured a V4 engine and 190 horsepower, and the second was an EX with a V6 268-horsepower engine. The following conclusions are what I determined when comparing the new 2008 Honda Accord to the older versions of this model.

Styling – I have always been a big fan of the Acura TL from 2004, and the 2006 Civic. Both of these models were incredibly innovative, attractive and coherent in nature, which suggested that Honda was finally going to become serious about their styling after around ten years of so of designs that I felt to be quite boring. However, the release of the 2008 is much less of an achievement than what I was expecting. Compared the 2006 version of the Honda Accord, the 2008 version is definitely a great deal more attractive and stylish, and there really is not much that I do not like about the new look, except that the front end really does not seem to fit the rest of the car. Not only is the hood a lot higher than usual, but there is also a large amount of unnecessary overhang that simply does not sit right with me. The nose of the 2008 Honda Accord really does not seem to go with the rest of the car, and to be honest, I was not pleased with the materials used in the interior of the car, which do not appear to be as ‘upscale’ as the interior’s appearance is. Most of the interior surfaces are quite unyielding and constructed from hard and un-grained plastic. I spent time in a leather-interior 2008 Honda Accord, and another with a clot interior, and I much preferred the cloth interior in the EX rather than the leather interior in the EX-L.

Accommodation – I felt that the front seats in the 2008 Honda Accord were well shaped for lateral support and comfort, especially the seats in the cloth-interior Honda Accord EX. The enlarged size of the cabin is quite roomy enough to support four large adults quite well. There is a little bit of a squeeze in the back, but this is rather normal for sedans, especially when trying to fit three adults in the backseat area. The rear seats are capable of folding in to create a larger trunk, because the normal trunk space in the Honda Accord for 2008 is slightly smaller than normal.

Pricing and Price Comparison – This year you will not find a Honda Accord LX V6, but the EX V6 can be purchased without leather, now. The EX V6 has a list price of around $26,5000, which is pretty close to what Honda was asking for last year’s model. If you compare the EX V6 with the Camry LE V6 you will find that the list prices are within only about $100 of each other, though you can generally get a similarly equipped Camry for a better deal depending on Toyota’s margins at the time.

The 2008 Honda Accord is pretty impressive in general, offering style, roominess and a whole lot of power. This vehicle both behaves and looks just like a premium level vehicle, even though Honda seems to have forsaken many of the values that it held in previous incarnations of the same model. While not too pleased with the changes Honda is making, I still find myself quite impressed with the car itself.


By JSC Editor.

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