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Nissan PIVO 3 Concept Made European Debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show (Press Release)


  • PIVO 3 zero emission concept car makes its European debut at 2012 Paris Motor Show
  • Focus on real-world technologies and personal mobility
  • Functional but stylish 2+1 seating layout
  • Automated Valet Parking system allows vehicle to park itself
  • In-wheel motors deliver four metre turning circle
  • Robotic Agent Interface acts as a personal assistant to the driver
  • Recharging system can feed stored energy back into local grid

PARIS (27 September, 2012) Confirming its position at the forefront of accessible EV technology, Nissan is unveiling its innovative and futuristic PIVO 3 concept to a European audience for the first time. Displayed alongside the new TERRA fuel-cell concept, PIVO 3 represents an exciting vision of what the future holds for Nissan’s bold and ambitious EV programme – demonstrating the brand’s ongoing commitment to zero emission mobility.

As its name suggests, PIVO 3 is the third phase of a project that dates back to 2005. It builds on the pioneering ideas that made its predecessors such ground-breaking vehicles, but adds greater feasibility and practicality for driving in the real world.

Nissan believes that PIVO 3 marks a crucial step in the evolution and development of large-scale, zero emission mobility. Designed to complement the LEAF compact hatchback, PIVO 3 is an ultra-compact city car aimed at singles and couples living an urban lifestyle.

Francois Bancon, Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning Division, explains:

“PIVO is one of the answers for active urbanists living in mature markets. Through the three PIVO proposals, we have gained a deep understanding of their needs in such large, metropolitan areas. Each of the eight concepts that we have created address different needs, different communities, different lifestyles for different markets. That makes zero emission mobility an ambitious statement for the company… At Nissan, we believe that the world is changing and mobility has a role to play to make it better.”

The car that comes when it’s called
PIVO 3 is equipped with Automated Valet Parking (AVP), an ingenious system that saves time and effort when trying to find somewhere to park. PIVO 3 can park automatically in specially-equipped car parks, and will automatically connect to a power supply once it has found a space. Should PIVO 3 be carrying excess charge, it can sell this back to the local grid through the recharging point. When the driver is ready to collect PIVO 3, the retrieval process is triggered via a smartphone application.

U-turn in just four metres
Even the most knowledgeable of urban drivers can take a wrong turn, so PIVO 3 can get motorists back on the right route quickly and safely thanks to its remarkably tight turning circle. Thanks to its compact frame and innovative in-wheel motors (IWM), PIVO 3 can turn through 180 degrees in just four metres.

Personal assistant to aid seamless mobility
One of the most engaging features of PIVO 3 is the Robotic Agent Interface. This clever feature integrates and unites all the car’s various technologies (AVP and charging facilities) into one interface. The car then acts as a personal assistant to the driver, selecting only the most relevant and helpful information for them to see and hear.

Stylish and functional design
Boldly styled inside and out, PIVO 3 perfectly matches form with function. From the extended front wheelarches to the large door apertures, PIVO 3 is designed with urban mobility in mind. The theme continues inside, where technology is employed to make the life of the city motorist simpler and more enjoyable. Side-view monitors take the place of conventional mirrors, while the Around View Monitor (AVM) and ultra-wide centre console display ensure that the driver is kept fully informed of his or her surroundings

The next stage in urban mobility
With the LEAF, Nissan has already shown how charging technology can be used to store renewable energy and even supply the household with electricity when required. PIVO 3 takes this idea a stage further and features a system that can feed stored power back into the local grid. When EVs represent a larger percentage of cars, Nissan believes that advanced vehicles like PIVO 3 could help balance electric power supply and demand.

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