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New TRD Items for Toyota 86 (Press Release)

“Fuji 86 Style with BRZ 2013” Fuji Speedway, in the event plaza in the TRD booth, is pleased to announce the NEW TOYOTA86 for items that are expected to launch in October this year.
※ start accepting orders will also be in October. I will guide again with regard to information, such as part number. 

NEW item list

Name of product Fit Tax-included price (yen)
Canard Black Note 1: All cars 9,450
Colored front fender fin 37J (White) All cars 25,200
D4S (Black) 25,200
C7P (Red) 25,200
Green body 21,000
Fender extension 37J (White) All cars 48,300
D4S (Black) 48,300
C7P (Red) 48,300
Green body 44,100
Rear side spoiler 37J (White) All cars 14,700
D4S (Black) 14,700
C7P (Red) 14,700
Green body 10,500
Aero Stabilizer Rising cover Yes gloss black All cars 16,800
Quick Shift Lever Set MT car 39,900
TRD emblem B type color 4,725
TRD Engine Oil (1L) 2,625
TRD engine oil (4L) 8,400
TRD engine oil (20L) 36,750

Can not be installed simultaneously with Toyota genuine corner sensor Note: 1.

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