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Environment-friendly Next Generation Mitsubishi Outlander (Press Release)

Environment-friendly Next Generation Mitsubishi Outlander

Eleven years* after it first coined the term “crossover”, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) unveils today its third embodiment of this popular concept at the Geneva Motor Show with the Next Generation Outlander.

After a total of over 950,000 sales (as of end of December 2011 – incl. Airtrek/first generation Outlander) for the first two generations since June 2001, this all-new mid-size crossover is meant to better comply with the times – a strategic and innovative premium vehicle developed around a versatile global platform and borne of a harmonious balancing of,

– Low environmental impact
– Advanced safety
– Comfortable driving
– Clever utility
– Added convenience

This unveiling will confirm the start of an all-new generation of global products for Mitsubishi Motors, consistent with the ambitions set in MMC’s “Jump 2013” smart business plan for a greener and more global Mitsubishi.

*”ASX” show car at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show – forerunner of the first generation Outlander (Airtrek in Japan)

New language
Fittingly, MMC’s complete family of cars / crossovers / SUVs will also see a gradual transition to a re-focused design language, as seen with the new Outlander.

While still being formulated, it is envisaged as an open concept, meant to be flexible enough to suit specific vehicle requirements whilst staging Mitsubishi’s famous Three Diamond logo accordingly.

This new engineering-driven look can be understood as the new expression of Mitsubishi’s near century old tradition of technology tailored for today’s world.

New shape
Similar in size to the current car, the 4655 mm Next Generation Outlander follows a clear design brief where in true Mitsubishi fashion, key directions were for an “engineer’s car” with a “Solid – Safe – Simple” shape, blending substantial look with clean surfaces, as previewed in the Concept PX-MiEV and Concept PX-MiEV II showcars.

Whether its high flanks, raised beltline, uncluttered surfaces, strong shouldering or soft-contoured fenders, the new Outlander offers a very comforting sense of quiet protection and safety to its occupants – a quality car of substance devoid of cheap styling thrills and designed for the long-haul travelling its innovative powertrain will allow.

Understated yet assertive, Outlander’s exterior design is further enhanced by a slim front aerodynamic grille whose stylish hockey-shaped chromed strips seem to be milled directly from solid brass as if to shield the Three- Diamond logo, in-between the feline look of the sculptured wraparound headlamps.

This same quality look continues inside the car with high grade premium materials (padded surfaces, soft-touch finish, silver or wood accents*, gloss black appliqués…) gracing a dashboard designed for better driver concentration, including ergonomic steering wheel controls as well as high-resolution and easy-to-read instrument displays.

*Depending on markets and models

New harmony
In keeping with Outlander’s forte, the Next Generation Outlander still carry 5 or 7 people* in comfort and safety. However, supported by a powerful electronic architecture, the new Outlander now comes with a finer blend of:

  • Low impact:
    • with a development of our Mitsubishi petrol and Clean Diesel engines:
    • As an example, in Europe, the new Outlander will be made available with a choice of two different engines:
      • MMC’s “4J11” – a 110 kW (150ps) 2.0 l MIVEC petrol now fitted with an all-new valve train.
      • MMC’s “4N14” – a 110 kW (150ps) 2.2 l Clean Diesel whose many innovative features (incl. an ultra-low 14.9:1 compression ratio, etc,… ) and further improvements allow for high performance and low emissions,
    • with an all-new Automatic Stop & Go system*
    • with an all-new 6-speed automatic gearbox*
    • through a weight reduction (optimization of the body structure, further use of high-tensile strength steel pressings,…),
    • … all leading to much improved fuel economy and emissions, down to a minimum target of below 130 g/km*
  • Advanced safety:
    • with the introduction of Adaptive Cruise Control system*:
      • This system maintains a safe distance between the car in front even at very low speeds experienced in heavy traffic congestion.
    • with the introduction of Forward Collision Mitigation system*:
      • This system detects obstacles on the road ahead of the car and automatically applies the brakes to help preventing a collision.
    • with the introduction of Lane Departure Warning system*:
      • This system warns the driver that her/his vehicle is about to depart from its lane through a visual warning display and a buzzer.
    • with the introduction of Super-HiD “Wide Vision” xenon headlamps*.
      • Approx. 1.4 times more powerful than conventional HID headlights, they provide a 1,350-lumen beam that shines over an extremely wide area of 80°x 2 in total, instead of the 42° x 2 of conventional HiDs.
  • Comfortable driving:
    • with now a dual zone air conditioner*,
    • a quieter cabin thanks to improved NVH,
    • a wide and comfortable 3rd row 50/50 split seating, replacing today’s jump seats*,
    • but also, high grade quality materials for a more premium D-Segment look & feel.
  • Clever utility:
    • with a 1.69m long floor when the 2nd and 3rd seats are folded down (+ 335 mm vs. the previous Outlander)
    • with a flat floor when all seats are folded down
    • and the adoption of a one-piece power tail gate*.
  • Lastly, convenience:
    • With a display audio incorporating the rear view monitor system*,
    • as so often requested – a tilt & telescopic steering column*.
    • Etc,…

After this Geneva unveiling, the Next Generation Outlander will be launched first in Russia this summer, prior to European (late summer), Japanese, Oceania, Chinese and North American debuts.

*Depending on markets and models,

New frontier
During the course of 2012, MMC will also take advantage of the built-in possibilities of Outlander’s versatile platform & powerful electronic architecture to add an EV-based plug-In hybrid powertrain to the ICE Outlander range.

This will be a fully integrated solution, based on MMC’s EV technology and also, making the best use of MMC’s extensive 4-Wheel-Drive expertise, offering a choice of driving modes including:

Pure (Twin Motor 4WD EV)

Series (Twin Motor 4WD EV supported by ICE generator)

Parallel (Twin Motor 4WD EV supplemented by ICE at higher speed – Electric motors assist in powerful acceleration without any gear shift)

When fitted to the new Outlander, the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid EV system will allow for a range and very low CO2 emissions similar to that of MMC’s Concept PX-MiEV II (over 800 km and a target of below 50 g/km).

*First retail introduction: Japan, to be followed by Europe in 2013 and then, other markets.

(All data subject to final homologation)



(All data subject to final homologation)

BODY (EU-spec.):

– Length: 4655 mm
– Width: 1800 mm
– Height: 1680 mm
– Wheelbase: 2670 mm


Engines Gearbox AS&G 2WD or 4WD

(excl. RU, UA
and KZ)

2.0 Petrol
Ø 110 kW (150ps)
@ 6,000 rpm
Ø 195Nm @ 4,100-4,200rpm
Ø below 150g/km minimum
5 M/T or CVT AS&G on
M/T and CVT
2WD or 4WD
2.2 DiD Clean Diesel
Ø M/T: 110 kW (150ps)@
3,500 rpm – 380Nm @ 1,750-2,500rpm
Ø A/T: 110 kW (150ps)@
3,500 rpm – 360Nm @ 1,500-2,750rpm
Ø below 130 g/km minimum
6 M/T or 6 A/T AS&G on M/T 2WD or 4WD

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