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Japanese Cars Subaru 2010 Subaru Legacy Wagon - JDM

2010 Subaru Legacy Wagon - JDM

Size: 19 items
2010 Subaru Legacy Wagon - JDM

Under the product concept of "Grand Touring Innovation", the fifth-generation new Legacy offers a comfortable passenger compartment and excellent environmental considerations, while further enhancing its unique driving performance and safety, featuring Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with a Horizontally-Opposed (BOXER) engine as Subaru's core technology.

For 20 years since the birth of Legacy's first generation in 1989, the Legacy series has evolved in line with the philosophy of grand touring, "Better distance, better comfort and better safety" carried on consistently and improved over years of development. It has offered distinctive values fitting with the times, for instance, it established excellent driving performance as a driver's car and outstanding functionality as a touring wagon. This unique product development has received high praise from a great number of our customers making the Legacy one of Subaru's most representative models with 3.6 million vehicles owned in the world.

The total vehicle performance of the fifth generation Legacy was advanced through the introduction of an all new package; it includes the new Subaru CVT (continuous variable transmission), LineartronicTM and a new engine cradle system.

Source: Subaru
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