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Japanese Cars Mitsubishi 2009 Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT AIR Concept

2009 Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT AIR Concept

Size: 24 items
2009 Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT AIR Concept

Made global debut at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show (2009).

The i MiEV SPORT AIR explores the future possibilities for zero-emission vehicles, placing a greater bias on exhilarating driving pleasure. The concept model exemplifies the balance between environmental and dynamic performance implied in the tagline Drive@earth, and highlights the benefits of the Mitsubishi electric vehicle drivetrain:

* Powerful, instant torque from a beefed-up electric motor
* Stable driving and handling and a low center of gravity, due to the in-floor lithium-ion battery
* Zero on-road CO2 emissions

Source: Mitsubishi
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