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Japanese Cars Lexus 2018 Lexus LX 570 Two-Row

2018 Lexus LX 570 Two-Row

Size: 12 items
2018 Lexus LX 570 Two-Row

Until now, the LX has been offered exclusively as a three-row luxury utility vehicle with seating for up to eight. When some customers indicated they did not use the third row and expressed a preference for more interior cargo space, Lexus responded.

Such customers, including smaller families, empty nesters and multiple-vehicle households, are more likely to travel with fewer passengers but more carry-on gear. Among the activities they enjoy are skiing, cycling, kayaking and golf, along with such hobbies as nature photography and antique collecting. Some also wanted more versatility for carrying their dogs.

Without the third row seat, the new LX 570 two-row model offers 50.5 cu. ft. of carrying space behind the middle row, versus 44.7 cu. ft. for the three-row model. For added versatility, the LX 570 two-row features a standard roof rack with rails.
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