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Japanese Cars Honda 00 - Honda Tuning 2001 Honda S2000 (08/19/2008)

2001 Honda S2000 (08/19/2008)

Size: 48 items
· Details
o White
o Red Interior
o 6 Speed
o Convertible

· Spoon
o Air cleaner
o carbon air duct
o muffler
o clutch cover and disk
o flywheel
o throttle body
o X-crossbeam bar
o rear lower bar, thermo-stat and thermo-switch
o radiator cap
o magnetic drain bolt set

· Mugen
o Exhaust Manifold (Header)

· Other
o Volk Racing SE37K 17 7.5 F, 17 8.5 R with Blue Lug nuts
o Tein Flex suspension
o J s Racing: strut bar Front and Rear and inner fender bar
o Cusco U shape floor bar
o Richmond 4.56 final gear
o Bee R Rev limiter
o Stop tech brake disc and brake line
o Axxis ULT brake pad
o OEM AP2 sway bar
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