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Nissan’s “Easy Fill Tire Alert” System Makes the Inflation Easy

Nissan's "Easy Fill Tire Alert" system

Nissan's "Easy Fill Tire Alert" system

Nissan recently introduced the “Easy Fill Tire Alert” system, which eliminates both the guessing and the gauge and helps maintain optimum tire pressure.

Driver is warned when there is a low tire with a display showing the pressure of each tire and the relevant tire of tires.  As the driver fills the tire, air going in is confirmed by the in-car’s four-way flashers. The horn chirps notify the driver when the tire is full.  If there is too much air, the flashers blink faster and the horn beeps three times.  The horn chirps again after enough air is let out to reach proper inflation.

The “Easy Fill Tire Alert” System comes standard on the all-new 2013 Nissan Altima.

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