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Car Washes Could Become Obsolete with the New Paint Technology from Nissan

Press Release : Nissan develops first “self-cleaning” car prototype
Nissan develops first self-cleaning car prototype

Nissan develops first self-cleaning car prototype

Nissan said “washing a car can be a chore and costly”, so what did they do?

Nissan has come up with, and is current testing, a new nano-paint technology, which it said will keep away mud, dirt and rain.  And that means drivers might never need to clean their car again.

Called “Ultra-Ever Dry”, the paint works by creating a shielding layer of air between the environment and the paint.  According to Nissan, this layer prevents standing water and road spray from forming dirty marks on the car’s surface.

Nissan has already applied this paint, the “super-hydrophobic and oleophobic”, to the all-new European market Nissan Note prototype, making the Note the world’s first self-cleaning car.  The self-cleaning Note will be tested at Nissan Technical Centre Europe over the coming months under a variety of conditions.

Nissan said it currently has no plans to apply this technology on the model as standard and will continue to consider the technology as a future aftermarket option.

Back in 2009, Toyota also unveiled its self-restoring, scratch resistant clear-coat paint.  It would be very interesting to see these two technologies applied together.

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