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The Development of Nissan Juke-R – Part 8

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How to get the Nissan JUKE-R to handle like the Nissan GT-R?

The JUKE-R was made sure to be as light as possible.  The roll cage was designed by using the most sports association template. 

Engineers also take advantages of some options on damping rates, springs and anti-roll bar. 

For the brake package, the JUKE-R uses large brake package used on the Nissan GT-R. 

Four Wheel drive technology on the GT-R is fully adapted and therefore, it will suite the new platform of the JUKE-R. 

Corner speed wise, the JUKE-R is running the same tire sector but with different down position springs to compensate for the higher weight transfer of the JUKE-R.

The stiffer anti-roll bar is utilized to compensate for the weight transfer of the higher body of the JUKE-R. The JUKE-R will have excellent stopping potential, which is expected to be comparable to the GT-R.

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