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Nissan Aims to Reduce Fatigue with the New Seat Technology

Nissan Seat Technology "Comfortable seat with spinal support"

Nissan Seat Technology “Comfortable seat with spinal support”

Driving long hours could lead to fatigue.  That is why Nissan is developing a “fatigue-free seats”, a seat technology that reduces fatigue and makes it more enjoyable for drivers and passengers.

The key in development was to keep the “neutral posture” in a weightless environment on the seat.  Whereas the conventional seat doesn’t match natural posture so the person has to use muscles to compensate, the “Comfortable Seat with Spinal Support” supports the pelvis and chest and allows the person to achieve nearly natural sitting posture and relieve stress on muscles.

For the rear-seat application, varied softness distribution in the “Comfortable Seat with Spinal Support” helps assure occupants of vary physiques will sit in a position that will provide comfort like that enjoyed by front-seat passengers.

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