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Mitsubishi Develops New Version of MIVEC Engine

Press Release : Mitsubishi Motors Develops Next-generation MIVEC Engine and Improved “Auto Stop&Go” Idle-stop System
Mitsubishi 4J10 1.8L MIVEC engine

Mitsubishi 4J10 1.8L MIVEC engine

Mitsubishi today announced the development of the “4J10” 1.8L engine which incorporates a new version of MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control) and their new Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) idle-stop technology.

The new 4J10 MIVEC engine (1.8-liter, inline 4, 16-valve SOHC) features the use of a next-generation MIVEC system that continuously regulates intake valve lift, opening duration and timing.  The new MIVEC system together with improved combustion stability and a reduction in piston friction provide an improvement in fuel economy without any loss in engine performance (output and torque) over the 4B10 MIVEC engine (1.8-liter, inline-4, 16-valve DOHC).

Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) is an idle-stop mechanism that reduces fuel consumption by automatically shutting off the engine when the car is stopped at traffic lights, etc.

The “4J10” engine and AS&G combination will power the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, the Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Sportback.  The models that are powered by this engine have quick engine restart and show an improvement of 12 percent in fuel efficiency.  Fuel efficiency is improved because the new MIVEC engine allows the engine to restart using less intake air and fuel by keeping a low valve lift at engine restart.

See “Press Release” for more details about this new engine

New MIVEC engine specification

Engine Type
16-valve SOHC inline 4-cylinder
Bore x stroke
86.0 mm x 77.4 mm
1798 cc
Compression ratio
Max. output
102kW [139PS] / 6000 rpm
Max. torque
172N・m [17.5kgf・m] / 4200 rpm

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