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Mitsubishi Motors lineup at 2008 Paris Motor Show

Tokyo, October 2, 2008 — The new Lancer Sportback saw its world debut at Le Mondial de l’Automobile 2008 (Paris Motor Show 2008), held in Halls 1-8 of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from October 2 (October 4 for the general public) through October 19. Joining the Lancer Sportback on the Mitsubishi Motors stand for its first viewing is the facelifted made-in- Europe Colt compact model, built at Mitsubishi Motors NedCar Factory in Borne, The Netherlands.

Debuting alongside the new Lancer Sportback and Colt models is Mitsubishi Motors’ new Racing Lancer turbodiesel competition car. The company will enter the car in the next Dakar Rally, which moves from the African to the South American continent for 2009. Also starring in the 15 model lineup (16 during Public Days) is the i MiEV new-generation electric vehicle, currently undergoing proving testing in Japan, with exploratory plans scheduled or under consideration in the United States, New Zealand and Iceland.

Exhibit highlights

(1) Lancer Sportback
The Lancer Sportback is a 5-door sport hatchback, and is distinguished by the Mitsubishi Motors signature inverted-slant nose and trapezoidal “jet fighter” grille. Spearheading the new model lineup is the Lancer Sportback Ralliart, a sport-driving oriented 4WD version powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine mated to Mitsubishi Motors’ Twin Clutch SST high-efficiency automated manual transmission.

(2) Colt (European market model)
Mitsubishi Motors launched the Colt series in Europe in 2004, and since that time it has sold some 270,000 models. The series includes many variants including the 5-door Colt, 3-door Colt CZ3, turbocharged 3-door Colt CZT and soft-top Colt CZC.

Major changes to the new European Colt unveiled at the Paris Motor Show include the Mitsubishi Motors signature inverted-slant nose and trapezoidal “jet fighter” grille also used on the Lancer series. The 5-door body models also feature a restyled rear end and are joined by a new turbocharged trim level. A new Colt Ralliart trim level is offered in both 5-door and 3-door versions.
The new Colt series also reflects Mitsubishi Motors’ strong commitment to the environment. The low-CO2 Colt Clear Tec model is powered by a 1.1- or 1.3-liter engine which incorporates the company’s AS&G (auto stop-&-go) idling stop system. In addition, the 1.3-liter Colt Clear Tec FFV caters to growing demand for flexible-fuel vehicles.>

(3) Racing Lancer
The Racing Lancer uses a new multi-tubular steel frame. Special efforts have been made to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity, for example by positioning the fuel tank closer to the ground. The spare tires have been relocated to reduce moment of inertia and improve handling. The 3-liter V6 diesel engine features a two-stage turbocharger that delivers boost across the full speed range and sees the unit produce maximum power of at least 280PS (206kW) and peak torque of 66.3kgfm (650Nm). Racing Lancer’s permanent four-wheel driveline features a self-locking center differential. Suspension at front and rear double wishbone/coil spring-based system.

Mitsubishi Motors has competed in 25 consecutive Dakar Rallies since 1983 and continues to recognize that the event provides the ultimate proving ground for engine and 4WD technologies. The company will continue to compete in this rally and to feed back the results and knowhow gained into the development of new-generation clean diesel engines and of 4WD systems.

(4) The zero-emissions i MiEV electric vehicle
As one of the company’s initiatives for reducing global warming and dependence on fossil fuels, MMC plans to bring the i MiEV electric vehicle to market in Japan in 2009.

i MiEV utilizes a large-capacity lithium-ion battery system and a compact, high-output electric motor in place of the traditional gasoline powertrain.

MMC is currently working with several electric power companies in Japan in conducting i MiEV fleet testing programs with a view to making EV technology commercially viable and electric vehicles a common sight on roads as soon as possible. (Japan: Tokyo Electric Power Company, Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd., Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc., Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Okinawa Electric Power Company, Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., and the Hokuriku Electric Power Company.)

MMC is also conducting market research and test programs in several countries outside Japan designed to test the viability of the technology in a variety of markets. In Europe, MMC and the government of Iceland are in discussions to start fleet testing sometime in fiscal 2009. In North America, Mitsubishi Motors and two power companies, one in California, plan to start fleet testing during the current fiscal year. And in New Zealand the company is to work with state-owned electric power company Meridian Energy in a promotional tour next year directed at gauging local interest in the vehicle.

Mitsubishi Motors lineup at 2008 Paris Motor Show – Hi-res. Images

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback
2009 Mitsubishi Colt
Mitsubishi Racing Lancer
Mitsubishi I MIEV

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