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Mitsubishi Concept cX at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi Concept cXDeveloped from Mitsubishi Motors’ legendary SUV experience, the Concept-cX is a compact SUV with nimble running performance and utility on roads, as well as solid environmental performance.

*3: cX: “c” for compact, plus “X” for crossover
High levels of driving and environmental performance are realized through the combination of a newly developed 1.8-liter clean diesel engine and Twin Clutch SST. Practicality is improved with a high-visibility driving position and improved accessibility to luggage space from the split tailgate already well received on the Outlander. Mitsubishi Motors positions this compact SUV as a “soft roader” for on-road use.

The design gives the exterior a purposeful and functional form using a dynamic wedge shape and large tires. The front visage combines the inverted-slant nose, trapezoidal grille, and sharp headlights that define the new Mitsubishi Motors design identity starting with the new Lancer. The casual rear view is of the characteristic two-way, T-shaped glass tailgate.
The interior is a modern, sporty space, fusing excitement and the joy of driving. The instrument panel and trim comprise a solid framework with soft, light pads interwoven as a welcoming embrace for passengers.
The fresh medium-blue color of the body is reminiscient of clear lakes — a fresh, ecologically attuned image. The paint contains a mixture of delicate aluminum flakes producing an unconventional metallic, transparent effect. In the interior, black and white are the key colors, with brown genuine leather highlights. The space is fashionable and appealing.
The combination of the newly developed 1.8-liter clean diesel engine and Twin Clutch SST achieves both responsive performance and low fuel consumption.
The 4WD-based integrated vehicle dynamics control system offers excellent running stability and versatility, and is also used in SUVs including the Outlander and Delica D:5.
Safety / Environmental Technology
Energy-absorbing materials with differing characteristics are incorporated into the lower portion of the bumper, serving to cushion impact and minimize leg injuries to pedestrians, as well as enhancing the bumper’s ability to restore itself to its original state after minor collisions.
In addition, Green Plastic — Mitsubishi Motors’ unique plant-based resin technology — is used wherever possible for interior components in another nod to the environment.
2007 mitsubishi concept cx
2007 mitsubishi concept cx (1)
2007 mitsubishi concept cx (3)
2007 mitsubishi concept cx (4)

Overall length 4,100 [mm]
Overall width 1,750 [mm]
Overall height 1,550 [mm]
Wheelbase 2,525 [mm]
Track (F/R) 1,510/1,510 [mm]
Seating capacity 4
Engine 1.8-liter clean diesel engine
Max. output 100kW
Max. torque 280 Nm
Transmission Twin Clutch SST
Tires 225/45R19

Source: Mitsubishi

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