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Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System to Receive “Euro NCAP Advanced” Award

Video (00m:36s): Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Leverkusen, 24 August 2011. The Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring system (RVM) available on the Mazda3 will receive a coveted “Euro NCAP*

Euro NCAP reviewed the Mazda RVM and were impressed by its many safety benefits.  It helps a driver avoid dangerous situations or even collisions with other vehicles during a lane change.  Two radar sensors, one mounted in each side of the rear bumper, constantly measure the distance to, and the relative speed of, surrounding vehicles.  Advanced” award at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) next month.

Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

At speeds above 60 km/h, Mazda’s RVM warns the driver with a proximity indicator light in the door mirror on the side where, either a vehicle is in the blind spot area, or a vehicle will approach this area in the next 5 seconds from within a zone of up to 50 m.  If the driver switches on the turn signal in the direction of the approaching vehicle, the proximity light blinks rapidly and a beeper sounds to warn the driver not to change lanes.  The system is designed to work in virtually every kind of weather and detect all types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Mazda identified that nearly 5 percent of all accidents are between vehicles driving in the same direction, nearly 80 percent of which are due to a lane change.  Taking into account the system’s specifications, the Mazda RVM has the potential to help avoid more than half of these accidents.

* European New Car Assessment Programme

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