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Lexus Presents Two High Performance Vehicles at the 2007 NAIAS

2008 lexus is f (1)
2008 lexus is f (18)
2008 lexus is f (20)
2008 lexus is f (21)

by Correy Putton

In Detroit: Lexus has unveiled two of its pride, the IS-F high performance luxury sedan and the LF-A sports-car concept at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The all-new 2008 IS-F high performance luxury sedan is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 400 horsepower. The LF-A supercar concept on the other hand is equipped with V10 engine that produces more than 500 horsepower. These two cars exemplify Lexus’ high regards for power and performance.

The IS-F and LF-A are two distinct vehicles but share the same DNA, design, heritage and philosophy. The F-designation can be considered as the prominent factor in both vehicles and first conceived nearly twenty years ago as part of an internal project under the codename “Circle-F” in which F stands for “flagship”. This was later turned into Lexus Division.

The Circle-F further evolved to code name Flagship One or F1 which produces Lexus first F1 concept vehicle– the LS. The creation of the LS signifies the beginning of Lexus’ special vehicle program which involves outside the normal engineering and developmental process.

According to Bob Carter, Lexus Division Group Vice president and General Manager, “Lexus has long been perceived as the maker of mainstream luxury vehicles, but the unveiling of the IS-F and LF-A not only changes this perception, it also introduces a new Lexus marque. The ‘F’ shared by both vehicles is the signature for a new high-performance marque conceived by an engineering team that dared to turn their dream of ‘a Lexus like no other’ into a reality.”

2007 lexus lf a concept (39)
2007 lexus lf a concept (4)
2007 lexus lf a concept (40)
2007 lexus lf a concept (43)

The LF-A sports car concept is not entirely new as a matter of fact it was first presented at the 2005 NAIAS as a means of reflecting the bold and dynamic direction in styling that the Lexus brand is heading. The objectives set for the new LF-A are not that different from the original concept which is to build a supercar that has world-class performance and at the same time is uniquely Lexus.

The styling for the new LF-A was based on the design direction called L-finesse which was also the same styling used for the original LF-A concept. But to give the new LF-A with a distinct look, Lexus has further redefined styling by means of using greater curved surfaces and unique details.

The new LF-A’s running gear is likened to that of the original concept and powered by a potent high revving 500-plus horsepower V10 engine. Its high quality Lexus parts like its rear mounted radiators, together with its front mid-engine placement and rear mounted transaxle provide excellent weight distribution. Plus, its amazing horsepower, superior aerodynamics, as well as its revised styling make sit possible for the LF-A to reach a top speed of 200mph.

Corey Putton is a 28-year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, PA who has been around cars for the better part of his life. He now works online and writes all about his passion: Lexus parts. He is also a certified mechanic.

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