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Isuzu Ranked One Of The Top 10 “Techsavvy” And “Socialite” Brands

Harris Interactive Survey Ranks Isuzu Owners Ninth in Both Categories
January 27, 2005

CERRITOS, Calif. – In a recent automotive industry marketing survey conducted by Harris Interactive, the 15th largest market research firm in the world, Isuzu was named among the top 10 for automotive brands with the most tech savvy and socialite consumers.

The research surveyed nearly 15,000 U.S. consumers regarding the vehicles they own, the vehicles they might purchase in the future, and the top automotive technologies that they intend to purchase or are familiar with.

Isuzu made the top 10 list for two unique categories: Top 10 Tech-Savvy Brands and Top 10 Socialite Brands, placing Isuzu ahead of many luxury marques such as Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. Further, only six brands made both lists, a distinction Isuzu shared with only Volvo, Jaguar, BMW, Lexus, and Mitsubishi.

Top 10 Tech-Savvy OEM Brands.

Volvo 43%
Audi 41%
Jaguar 38%
BMW 34%
Suzuki 34%
Nissan 33%
Lexus 33%
Subaru 32%
Mitsubishi 31%
Isuzu 31%

Top 10 Socialite OEM Brands.

Volvo 39%
Jaguar 33%
Saab 32%
Acura 30%
BMW 27%
Lexus 26%
Cadillac 22%
Lincoln 21%
Isuzu 20%
Mitsubishi 19%

The Harris study results show the top ten brands whose owners are most likely to be “tech savvy,” meaning that they are in the top fifth of all consumers in terms of their interest in, understanding of, and attention to new technologies. The research also indicates the ten brands whose owners are most likely to be “socialites,” meaning that they are in the top fifth of all consumers in terms of their social interactions with non-relatives.

“We’ve always known that Isuzu owners are very savvy when it comes to purchase decisions,” said J. Terry Maloney, president of Isuzu Motors America, Inc. “This study confirms that our buyers are conscientious of the safety, comfort, and convenience features we put into every one of our products.”

Isuzu’s owners being dubbed “socialites” means that they are key influencers in their social groups and apt to discuss issues such as car buying decisions with their peers

“One of the most significant finding in [our survey] is how gas prices are affecting consumer’s vehicle purchase decisions,” said Scott Upham, senior vice president of Harris Interactive’s Automotive & Transportation Research Group. “This is definitely having an impact, since our study shows that consumers will consider fuel efficiency in their next vehicle purchase.”

Certainly fuel efficiency innovations like Displacement-on-Demand (DoD), found in the Ascender 7-Passenger’s available V8 engine, are something that consumers will strongly consider when making their next purchase decision, as indicated in the Harris findings. In these results, 64 percent of men, and 63 percent of women are likely to purchase vehicles with enhanced fuel economy.

Both Ascender models also stack up strongly in the safety arena. Harris reported that 58 percent of men and 60 percent of women indicated that they are interested in rollover control and protection. Isuzu’s rollover-sensing roof-rail airbags fit that bill perfectly.

Top 10 Advanced Automotive Technologies Consumers Would Like to Purchase for Next Vehicle

1. Enhanced Fuel Economy
2. High-Performance Halogen & Xenon Lighting
3. Advanced Automotive Air Conditioning Systems
4. Light Emitting Diode (LED)
5. Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring
6. Rollover Control and Protection – Side Airbags & Electronics
7. Occupant Sensing for Intelligent Airbag Deployment
8. Adaptive Headlamps
9. Fuel Cell Vehicles
10. Electronic Stability Control

Isuzu Ascender 5-Passenger and 7-Passenger models also stack up well against other research findings indicating consumer preference for advanced tire pressure monitoring, occupant sensing for intelligent airbag deployment, and advanced automotive air conditioning systems.

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