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Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system

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What is LDP?
A camera-based technology which helps drivers return the vehicle to its travelling lane when an unintentional lane departure is likely. If the driver has not used the turn indicators and the car is about to cross the lane marker, a warning signal illuminates on the dashboard and an audible signal is given. At the same time, gentle braking is applied to two wheels on one side of the car in order to create a yaw effect and assist the driver return the car to the centre of its travelling lane.

What is the safety benefit?
Unintended lane departure can have several causes: driver fatigue, impairment, inattention or distraction. Whatever the cause, the consequences can be serious, a frontal collision into oncoming traffic being a common outcome. Lane departure is a factor in a large proportion of accidents involving fatal and/or serious injuries. Infiniti predicts that, if LDP were fitted to all vehicles, some 12% of all road fatalities in Europe – around 5000 deaths – could be prevented annually.

How easy is it to live with?
Lane Departure Prevention can be switched on when the driver decides it is required. However, even without LDP switched on, the driver will still be given the audible and visual warnings for an unintended lane departure. The camera, mounted at the top of the windscreen, recognizes most common types of lane markings in Europe – white and yellow, continuous and dashed – in daylight and at night. If there are no lane markers, or the system is not able to recognize the lines (for example, unusual markings in road works or mud on the road), the system will not function effectively. The system is intended to work on straight highways, not around town, and only at speeds of more than 70km/h in order not to irritate or distract the driver with unnecessary warnings.

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