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I-stop – Mazda3 Green Technology

MZR2.0 DISI with i-stop All-new Mazda3

Unlike other idle stop systems, Mazda i-stop delivers both impressive fuel savings and rapid restarting. Exclusive to the all new Mazda3, the system leverages fuel engine injection technology to enable excellent fuel savings.

i-stop is unique Mazda3 idle stop technology developed to provide real savings at the pumps. Traffic jams will never be the same again.

Eco-friendly and ingenious, i-stop is the latest technology to be announced for the all new Mazda3. It confronts the problem of wasted fuel generated from traffic idling head on. But unlike other idle stop systems, Mazda’s i-stop also ensures rapid starts.

Fast restart, fuel savings
When you stop at red lights or in gridlocked traffic, the Mazda3 engine automatically shuts down – and prepares for imminent restart. Once you step on the clutch, the engine starts immediately. It all feels entirely natural and it means you’re saving fuel – up to 14 percent ( in combination with other measures ) while in heavy traffic.

A world first in idle stop technology
The Mazda3 i-stop system is unique. Other systems rely purely on electric motors to restart the car once traffic resumes. In contrast, i-stop leverages the direct injection fuel system of the MZR DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition) 2.0 litre engine with a little help from the starter motor. The result of this inventive Mazda engineering is much faster restarting – about twice as fast as other systems.

Mazda3: the new eco-car
Packaged together, i-stop, the DISI engine and other Mazda3 engineering measures provide up to 14% fuel savings compared to the previous Mazda3.

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