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Honda to Discontinue Production of the S2000 Sports Car

January 27, 2009-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it will discontinue production of the S2000 sports car. The production for all regions will conclude by the end of June 2009.

2007 Honda S2000

The S2000 made its debut in 1999, as a genuine open FR sports car with what was at the time the world’s top level, high performance 4-cylinder normally aspirated engine and an ideal 50:50 front/rear body weight distribution that provided a “fun to drive” spirit and the “joy of driving”. In addition to dynamic performance, S2000 had environmental responsibility and the world’s top level crash safety represented by an exhaust gas level that was more than 50 percent lower than the emission regulations value at that time and adoption of a newly developed body frame for an open structure that achieved the same level crashworthiness as a closed body vehicle. The S2000 continued to evolve, with performance improvements including VGS (Variable Gear ratio Steering), change of tire size and increased displacement. As a result, the S2000 achieved total sales of more than 20,000 units in Japan, and total worldwide sales of more than 110,000* units during the nine years it was in production.
* as of the end of December 2008

Highlights of the History of the S2000 – Japan Model

Sep. 1998 S2000 prototype introduced at Honda 50th Anniversary Ceremony
Apr. 1999 S2000 Debut (2.0L 4-cylinder Normal Aspiration DOHC VTEC engine
Max. Output: 250PS/8,300rpm, Max. rpm: 9,000rpm,
Max. Torque: 22.2kgm/7,500rpm. World’s highest performance engine among 2.0L 4-cylinder normally aspirated engines at that time)
Jul. 2000 Add “Type-V” (equipped world’s first VGS [Variable Gear ratio Steering])
Sep. 2001 Custom Color Plan (Customer can choose from 13 exterior colors, 5 interior colors/patterns and 2 hood colors.)
Oct. 2002 Special Edition “Gioire” (2 exclusive exterior colors, chrome door mirrors, gold wheels, tan interior color )
Oct. 2003 Minor model change (17-inch aluminum wheel, exterior and interior changes)
Apr. 2004 Production was transferred from the Tochigi Factory (Takanezawa Plant) to Suzuka Factory
Nov. 2005 Minor model change (engine displacement: 2.0L > 2.2L [increased torque at low and mid range], DBW [Drive By Wire], Exterior and Interior design changes)
Oct. 2007 Minor model change (equipped with VSA and satellite speakers as standard equipment)
Added new grade “Type-S” (exclusively designed seat, shift knob, front and rear spoiler)

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