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Honda FCV Concept to Make North American Debut at the 2015 NAIAS

Honda FCV Concept (2015)

Honda FCV Concept (North American Debut at 2015 NAIAS)

Previously making global debut in Japan, the Honda FCV (fuel-cell vehicle) Concept will make the North American debut at the coming 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

Honda delivered its first fuel cell vehicle, the FCX to the U.S. and Japan over a decade ago in 2002 when it was the world’s first production fuel-cell vehicle.  Since then Honda has been the forerunner in fuel cell vehicle technology. In 2003, the Honda FCX was the first FCV to start and function in sub-freezing temperature.  In 2005, the FCX became the first FCV leased to an individual customer. And then in 2008, Honda became the first manufacturer to build and produce a dedicated FCV on a production line specifically made for fuel-cell vehicles, and in the same year became the first manufacturer to build a fuel-cell vehicle dealer network.

With major change in exterior designing, roomier interior to accommodate up to five people, and an improved driving range of over 300 miles compared to the 2004 FCX (a range of 190 miles), the Honda FCV Concept signifies Honda’s commitment to be a leader in the area of FCV technology.

The Honda FCV Concept will go into production and be slated for first introduction in Japan by March 2016, and subsequently to be launched in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more images of the Honda FCV Concept. Or check out the below pictures of the current Honda FCV model, the FCX Clarity.

2009 Honda FCX Clarity – Hi-Res. Images

2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity
2009 Honda FCX Clarity

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