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Honda Announced Next-Generation of Engines Named “Earth Dreams Technology”

Press Release : Honda Announces Revolutionary Next-generation “Earth Dreams Technology”
Honda "Earth Dreams Technology": Newly developed 2.4L class engine

Honda has announced its next-generation technology named “Earth Dreams Technology”, which Honda believes will enhance driving experience plus deliver a top-of-class fuel efficiency.

According to Honda, “Earth Dreams Technology” is an expression for its technologies that aim to protect the environment and at the same time provide a joy of driving.

Honda "Earth Dreams Technology": Newly developed 2.4L class engine

Key features of “Earth Dreams Technology” include a gasoline engine, a compact diesel engine, CVT transmission, two-motor hybrid system, electric SH-AWD hybrid system and a compact electric powertrain for electric vehicles.

Honda strives to achieve number 1 ranking in each category within 3 years.

See “Press Release” for summary of key features.

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