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New Honda Clarity FCV Offers 300+ Miles Driving Range, To Hit Select Markets Next Year

Video (01m:38s): 2017 Honda Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)
Press Release : 2017 Honda Clarity FCV Made North American Debut
2017 Honda Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

2017 Honda Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

Honda unveiled its latest and most advanced fuel-cell vehicle to North American region at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, slating to launch in late 2016 in certain regions starting with California’s.

The new Honda Clarity FCV draws its energy from a new version of fuel cell stack that is reportedly 33 percent smaller, but packing more power than the previous version that powers the on-going Clarity FCX model, a 60 percent increase in power density, enough to give the new Clarity FCV a driving range exceeding 300 miles.

The more compact cell stack requires less time to refill. It takes about three minutes at a pressure of 70 MPa to refill the cell stack.  In addition, the smaller stack cell allows the new Clarity FCV to have bigger interior space.

Featuring a wide and low aerodynamic body, the new Clarity FCV rides on 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and is supported by a platform that will also underpin a next-generation Honda PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) model, which will be launched by 2018 in the U.S.

See Press Release for more information about Honda Clarity FCV availability.

2017 Honda Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

2017 Honda Clarity FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

2017 Honda Clarity FCV (interior)

2017 Honda Clarity FCV (interior, non-US version)

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