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Nissan GT-R Race Car by GOTO:Racing

Vehicle: GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R (787 HP)
Event: 2009 SEMA

  • Jongbloed Racing Wheels
  • Hoosier Racing Tire
  • JRZ Suspension
  • Motorsport Brake Specialists and Performance Friction Brakes
  • Harman Motive intakes
  • Supported by COBB Tuning: COBB AccessPort
  • GT:R Fabrication by Brian Lock
  • DeatschWerks Injectors

GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R – Hi-res. Images

GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R
GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R

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GOTO:Racing/Dellâ„¢ Equallogic GT-R makes 787 WHP thanks to COBB Surgline, HB Speed, and COBB AccessPORT

Scotts Valley, CA – 11/08/09 – The team at GOTO:Racing is in the middle of their two week road trip which includes SEMA, Super Lap Battle, and Redline Time Attack Finals. After a successful week of PR at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, complete with plenty of speculation on how much power the GT-R would make on the coming dyno day, the GOTO rig pulled up to HB Speed to put all speculation to rest.

The previous dyno day, held only two weeks ago, the GOTO GT-R had some issues with MAF sensor resolution. Harman Motive provided some new prototype intakes that were installed and round 2 began. The car started out at 620 WHP at 15psi, and was slowly raised over the day. The COBB AccessPORT held boost perfectly at every level our expert tuners wanted.

Eventually Tim Bailey from COBB Surgline, and Jon Drenas from HB Speed, had the R35 racecar holding 22.5 lbs of boost. At this level the car made an amazing 787 WHP and 721 WTQ.

“I had hoped we would have made just north of 700 HP, but to make just shy of 800 is just amazing. I can’t wait to feel this thing on track,”

commented Brian Lock, lead driver of the Dellâ„¢ Equallogic GT-R.

“The scary thing is this car has a lot more in it,”

said Tim Bailey,

“we want to verify this tune on track, make sure we have no drivetrain issues, then we can get even crazier.”

This recent dyno session has shown again how amazing a bone stock VR38DETT can be.

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