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Gas Saving Tips from Subaru of America

Today Subaru announced the endorsement the Car Care Council’s Fall Car Care Month by offering free diagnostic inspections to Subaru cars owners.  Also, to help Subaru owners get the best possible gas mileage, dealers can also perform the “MPG Inspection”.  Besides receiving a written report of the vehicle’s condition, Subaru owners will receive helpful driving tips for improving gas mileage.

Below are Gas Saving Tips from Subaru

  • Check your tire pressure – properly inflated tires can improve mileage by 3%
  • Change motor oil and oil filter regularly, to protect your engine
  • Replace a dirty air filter and improve MPG by as much as 10%
  • Check spark plugs – a misfiring plug can cut fuel efficiency by up to 30%
  • Run engine diagnostics – fixing a faulty oxygen sensor alone can improve MPG by up to 40%
  • Drive sensibly; avoiding jackrabbit starts and stops can increase fuel economy by as much as 5%
  • Observe speed limits – fuel economy drops 2% for every mile per hour that you drive over 55
  • Remove excess weight, and improve fuel economy by 2% for every extra 100 pounds you remove
  • Avoid excess idling, since idling longer than 60 seconds uses more gas than stopping and restarting
  • Use cruise control to maintain a steady speed, which can increase fuel economy by up to 10%

Subaru owners can learn more about the Fall Car Care Month inspections, and find the nearest participating Subaru dealer at

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