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FUSE Concept: Gen Y’s Versatile Sports Coupe

2006 scion fuse concept
2006 scion fuse concept (1)
2006 scion fuse concept (10)
2006 scion fuse concept (11)

by Correy Putton

With heart-throbbing vibes, Toyota unleashed its new teaser in the form of the Scion Fuse Concept at the recently held at the New York Auto Show. “The idea of the all-new Fuse Sports Coupe is a reflection of the boundless limits and creative envelope that embodies all the vital personalization components of a Scion product,” said Mark Templin, Scion vice president. “Since the launch of Scion three years ago, designers have learned a great deal about what inspires and motivates Scion buyers through its unique vehicle lineup and instilled them into the Fuse.”

The Fuse Concept, under Scion – Toyota’s brand for young generation drivers, was stripped at auto show to flaunt the possible direction of the automaker’s future model. The Fuse is a funky and stylish sports coupe that boasts roominess and versatility of new Toyota Scion auto body parts. It is a concept that showcases minivans functions and innovative features wrapped in a coupe-like package.

“The Fuse is a styling exercise that presents a discussion starting point for Scion owners and other Gen Y consumers with an eye towards a versatile sports coupe,” said Templin. “Like previous Scion concepts, the Fuse delivers a unique statement about what the Scion brand is all about and where it is headed.”

Other features integrated to the Concept include subtle accent lighting on the seats, doors and overhead lining. It is also given deeply contoured seats that are accented with soft-to-the-touch “Mythos” fabric that wraps around passengers to deliver superb and comfy drive feel.

The exterior of the Fuse was contributed by Calty designers Alex Shen and Bob Mochizuki. They were also absorbed in making the coupe domineering and functional. It is also inspired by “HAKO” super GT racing cars of Japan, commonly known as the JGTC series. Fuse has a low, aggressive stance with a race helmet-inspired wraparound window that provides a panoramic view. The visor-like wraparound windshield is balanced by a strong C-pillar, adding a sense of security and protection.

The sway of the “racing tub” in the overall design is noticeable. It provides a unique contrast that highlights the floating technical elements of the interior. A drive-by-wire steering interface mixes influences from race cars and video game controllers in a remarkable module. A media station is the highlight of the cabin. Car occupants can watch movies, play video games, or do both, with dual display 10.5-inch monitors. Occupants can utilize video screens or take advantage of wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) connectivity and instant messaging services of Fuse. In driving mode, the video screens turn off and a multi-informational display is used for driver information.

Correy Putton is a 28-year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, PA who has been around cars for the better part of his life. He now works online and writes all about his passion: cars. He is also a certified mechanic. You can visit new Toyota Scion auto body parts for more information.

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