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Camshaft : A Go For Gold

Camshaft, in its simplest definition, are the lobes in an engine that operate the valves. It is driven by a crankshaft, either through a belt, gears or chains that run at one half the speed of its own.... 

June 30, 2007

Should You Really Buy A Used Car?

Buying a vehicle can be quite an ordeal. You have to find the money in your budget for the new vehicle. Often you have to decide whether you want to sell your existing vehicle outright or trade it in.... 

June 29, 2007

Battery Chargers; What To Look For, What To Avoid

Batteries, or dry cells are manufactured to supply steady and uninterrupted D.C power to different modern day gadgets that run with electrical energy. Batteries are generally lead-acid cells. Over 15 billion... 

June 29, 2007

Common mistakes people make when buying a car at a dealership

By Paige Filler No one ever said buying a car is easy. However, it doesn’t have to be hard if you do a little homework first. There is tons of information about how to buy a car from a dealership,... 

June 27, 2007

How to Save Real Money When Bargaining With a Private Seller for a Used Car

There are a few ways to honestly and ethically get the car of your dreams for a reasonable price. Follow these tips and hints and you may be surprised how much the seller will discount the advertised price. Ready... 

June 27, 2007

Used Car Price Negotiation

by Dennis James You’ve decided to purchase a used vehicle and want to get the best deal possible. This is a goal that all car buyers have. Unfortunately, most buyers aren’t able to achieve the goal.... 

June 25, 2007

Buying Car Insurance

Finding the perfect car insurance is a matter of shopping around, asking friends and making sure to qualify for every discount available. It is also important to make sure to get the right kind of car... 

June 25, 2007

Car Buying

by Dennis James Buying a car is a major investment and a long-term commitment, but many people simply head to the dealership without knowing anything about the process of buying a car. Much like any long-term... 

June 25, 2007

Car Price Negotiation

It can be a horrible task negotiating to buy a new car, nobody likes doing it because it’s so time consuming, stressful and frustrating! Very few people actually like sales people, but it’s pretty... 

June 25, 2007

Article contains images NSX: A Glimpse of Where Acura Is Headed

SX: A Glimpse of Where Acura Is Headed by Correy Putton One of the startling cars displayed at the 2007 North American International Auto Show is Acura’s NSX, a V-10 powered Advanced Sports... 

June 25, 2007

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