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Customer FAQs for Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel Spiral Cable Assembly Recall

Toyota provided answers to the most FAQs regarding the yesterday announced voluntary safety recall involving certain 2005 to early 2009 Tacoma vehicles to replace the steering wheel spiral cable assembly.  Approximately 495,000 Tacoma vehicles are covered by this recall.

1. Which models are involved in the recall?

Toyota is recalling 495,000 certain 2005 to early 2009 model year Toyota Tacoma vehicles sold in the U.S. No other vehicles are involved in this recall.

2. What is the condition?

Due to the combination of the steering wheel spiral cable design and characteristics unique to the Tacoma chassis, friction between the spiral cable and the retainer in the steering wheel spiral cable assembly may occur in some vehicles. Friction over time may result in damage to certain circuits that provide connectivity to the driver’s air bag module. If connectivity is lost, the air bag warning lamp will remain illuminated, and the driver’s air bag may become deactivated, preventing deployment in the event of a crash.

3. Are there any warnings that this condition has occurred?

Yes. The airbag warning light is designed to illuminate when the vehicle is started. It goes off after about 6 seconds, indicating the system is operating as designed. If the airbag warning light remains illuminated after this period, please contact your local Toyota dealer for diagnosis and appropriate repair.

4. Have there been any accident or injuries reported as a result of the condition?

Toyota is not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from damage to the circuits connected to the airbag.

5. What is Toyota going to do?

Toyota is currently working on obtaining necessary replacement parts. Once replacement parts are available, we will notify owners.In the interim, owners of covered vehicles will be notified by first class mail, advising them of this safety recall, that they will receive a future notice once replacement parts are available, and what to do if they experience this condition.

6. What if this condition occurs before sufficient quantities of replacement parts are available?

If this condition occurs before sufficient quantities of replacement parts are available, the owner should contact their local Toyota dealer for diagnosis and appropriate repair. If the problem is related to this condition, the repair will be performed at no cost to the owner.

7. How long will the repair take?

The repair will take approximately 30 minutes, depending upon the dealer’s work schedule.

8. What if a customer has previously paid for repairs to his/her vehicle for this condition?

Reimbursement consideration instructions will be provided in the owner notification letter that will be sent out to vehicle owners when sufficient parts become available.

9. What should an owner do if they have immediate concerns about their vehicle?

Owners with questions or concerns are asked to contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331.

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