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Concept Vehicles From Honda At 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon by Joe Thompson

Honda Logo

The 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has already come to an end but it should not a cause for concern for most car lovers and aficionados. You see, the year is just starting and the list of upcoming auto shows are slowly unveiling and it means a lot more chances for people to be with the newest vehicles in the market.

In line with this, there is going yet to be another auto show. However, this one is going to be held in the Chiba Prefecture in the Asian country of Japan. The name of the show? The 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon. The show opens on the 12th this January and ends on the 14th.

During the mentioned show, Asian auto manufacturer Honda would be also showing off some of its best vehicles. In fact, the company has announced that they would be putting on display four of its newest concept vehicles – the Forza Smart 2-seater scooter, the Fit Daily Active, the Stream Exclusive, and the Stream Hyper Sport. These four were created and developed by the Honda Access Corporation, one of Honda’s subsidiary manufacturers known much for creating the best Honda aftermarket products and ignition parts.

Honda’s theme for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon exhibit is “Be Cool, Be Chic.” According to the company, this new theme of theirs would be mainly directed at showing people just how to get around town with a touch of class. After all, the vehicles that the company would be showing off are some of the newest ideas created and developed underneath the company’s roofs.

The Honda Fit Daily Active concept vehicle is a small vehicle and it has been developed with the thought of mobile and portable gadgets that has been making its rounds in society. This vehicle comes with cameras and sensors and is mainly targeted towards the young ones who are more inclined to online games and easy means of communication.

The sole and only scooter in the line up is the Honda Forza Smart 2-seater concept. This one bears 250cc and promises to give its user high quality comfort. As per the driving experience, Honda says that the driver of this scooter would find it pleasant to use and would be quite best for easy driving in the city.

As per the Honda Stream Hyper Sport concept, this one has been created to be a medium-sized minivan. When you do take a look at its interior, you would most certainly find tons of features to give you entertainment.

Last on Honda’s concept vehicle list is the Honda Stream Exclusive concept which is also another minivan. As compared to the previous minivan, this one gives its users more features on luxury and comfort. Honda claims that this one may be one of those vehicles to join the ranks of uptown cruisers when it comes to luxury.

Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications. You can visit ignition parts for more information.

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