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Latest Car Tips

The Japan car Industry

The Japan car Industry by Yoichiro Shiba According to consumer reports, Japan cars still dominate the automotive industry. Consumers prefer Japan cars because of the reliability, performance and style.... 

December 2, 2008 | » Read the story

Gas Savings Tips

Do you remember when you could purchase a full tank of gas for less than twenty-five dollars? It seems like that was ages ago. Then, gas mileage was not a big concern of mine. That is no longer the case.... 

June 24, 2008 | » Read the story

What You Should Know About Radar Detectors
What You Should Know About Radar Detectors

Motorists use a device to help them identify if their vehicle’s speed is being monitored. This device is called a radar detector. It has the capacity to notify the driver if police radar is identifying... 

May 9, 2008 | » Read the story

How To Change A Tire

There really isn’t all that much to it, yet some people still find themselves trapped by the side of the road because they don’t know how to change a tire. It’s a relatively simple job that requires... 

March 5, 2008 | » Read the story

Change Your Oil

One of the most important elements you must be aware of if you want to keep your car and engine in a perfect working condition is to regularly change the oil. Oil plays a very important part in the well... 

February 22, 2008 | » Read the story

Hybrid Cars: List Of Real Drawbacks To Owning A Hybrid Vehicle

As oil prices continue to increase amid depleting supplies and rapid growth in demand, all economies globally are feeling the setbacks of the need to curtail excessive consumption of fuel. For quite some... 

February 20, 2008 | » Read the story

What’s Wrong With My Air Conditioning?

Leaks / Low Refrigerant No A/C system is completely, 100% sealed. Over the years, small refrigerant particles will leak out, up to 1/2 ounce per year. On smaller-capacity systems, this will become noticeable... 

February 19, 2008 | » Read the story

Taking care of your car’s transmission

In order to maintain you car in a good shape, to offer you the safety as well the performances it was designed for in the first place, taking care of your vehicle’s transmission is a vital thing you... 

January 21, 2008 | » Read the story

Japanese Car Auctions – How to Use Them to Import Japanese Cars

Japanese car auctions are ideal places for you to find the Japanese car model and make you are looking for. Not only will you find a wide selection of cars and find the exact model you want, you also get... 

November 10, 2007 | » Read the story

Car Shipping – Auto Transport Nationwide

By Patrick Jacotin Car transport has become a very popular mode of moving in the new millennium. With professionals and families been moved by their jobs and or for a better life, they look forward to... 

November 10, 2007 | » Read the story

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