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Car Antenna Replacements Are Quick & Easy When You Know What To Do

by Quinton Becker
The car radio antenna has undergone many changes over the years. For a time, they appeared to be an afterthought in the construction of most automobiles. Antennas were not integrated into the design of the car as they are today, and they provided poor reception to boot. Much has changed in terms of effectiveness and design since the standard vehicle antenna’s invention. As the radio has become an essential part of the driving experience, the antenna has advanced to allow for greater durability and sound quality.

In the 1960’s, many cars simply had an antenna attached to the front fender. As the years passed, some manufacturers placed them on the windshield. If the windshield had to be replaced, however, owners often lost the only antenna available for their car. Today, replacement antennas are mass-produced and easily attainable-whether your car implements an automatic or manually retractable model.

Antennas are not the most durable parts of a vehicle, and are prone to requiring replacement or repair. There are many ways in which a car’s radio antenna may be damaged. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes for antenna damage is vandalism-the antenna is simply snapped from the car’s body. Another common cause may be if the driver forgets to retract their car’s antenna when entering a car wash. On some vehicles, the antenna may be retracted at the push of a button. On less expensive models, however, this task must be performed manually. Either way, it is easy to forget to do so when entering a car wash; once you enter, the antenna can easily be damaged or broken off.

Replacing a broken antenna is a relatively easy process, depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. An antenna that is retracted by motor will be a bit more difficult to replace than one that is manually retractable.

To replace a broken motorized antenna, simply remove the outer top nut of the antenna mast. This will allow you to remove the old mast. Next, you must remove the inner top nut and turn the radio on. You may discard the inner nut and the nylon wire that is attached. To install the new antenna, simply push the new nylon wire down through the assembly hole until it stops. Turn your car’s radio off. You will then hear the motor and should see the cable recoil as the motor pulls the cable inward, as if to retract the antenna itself. Once the motor has stopped, you may attach the metal mast into the motor assembly. Then, reinstall the gland nut atop the antenna.

Whether you own a Kia or a Bentley, having a functioning antenna is essential if you want to tune in to local radio stations. Replacement Bentley parts, of course, can be quite expensive. When you replace a Bentley’s broken antenna you may choose between manufacturer parts or aftermarket replacements. You can save a good deal of money, regardless of your car’s manufacturer, by opting for aftermarket parts. This is true when you are replacing something like a broken radio antenna, and it applies for larger replacement parts as well.

If you find yourself needing to replace your car’s antenna, you will probably want to do so quickly-for many people, being able to listen to music and news is a big part of the overall driving experience. Be sure to check your owner’s manual before starting the repair process, and check for any specific instructions on how to replace your car’s antenna before getting started.

Quinton Becker writes about automobiles. If you are looking for a hard-to-find replacement car antenna for any of a variety of automobiles, or when you are trying to find those hard-to-locate Bentley parts, then please visit You may reprint this article if all links are kept intact.

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