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Brake Pads Are An Essential Element of Your Car’s Safety Equipment

Brake pads are an integral element of the braking system in a car. As you use your brakes in everyday driving, you will slowly wear down, and, eventually, need to replace the brake pads.

Disc brakes have been used on the front wheels of cars for decades now – some models are even equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. You will still find some cars being made with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes on the rear wheels. The reason for this is that the front wheels carry the biggest portion of the load under braking conditions, and disk brakes are more effective.

Since the front wheels, and thereby the disc brakes, carry the biggest portion of the load under braking conditions, it is critical that your front brakes are operating as well as possible. When it comes to your car’s brakes, there is simply no room for substandard or worn out parts.

Older cars that had disc brakes on the front were equipped with what was referred to as a “squeaker bar” on the brake pad. This piece of metal would make an extremely loud squeaking noise once the brake pads were worn down. This was how you knew that it was time to replace your worn-out pads. Cars today come with an electronic sensor on the brake pad. When your brakes have worn down, you will see a warning light on your dashboard.

When this dashboard light is illuminated, or when you start hearing a squeak upon brake application, it is time for you to have your brake pads replaced. If you wait to do so, you are not only causing damage to the brake as a whole, but you are taking a big safety risk.

If your car is equipped with a wear sensor in the brake pads, you will want to have this sensor replaced along with the pads. The sensor is not generally included with the new pads. If you wait for your brake pads to wear down completely, they will begin to damage your disc rotor – the replacement of which is costly.

When you press your brake pedal down, the pistons on your brake caliper will push the brake pad down against the brake disc. Ultimately, the pads pressing against the disc is what slows and stops your car. As you can imagine, this process results in the deterioration of your pads. This is how brake pads are supposed to work; they are not intended to last the life of your car.

Brake pads are made from a variety of materials. You can purchase pads made from longer-lasting materials if you wish. Those of higher quality also help your car to stop more quickly under heavy braking conditions. Choosing the highest quality brake parts is a smart decision for your safety. Even if you own a Chrysler, you can use aftermarket brakes that will outperform the factory Chrysler parts. Chrysler parts work fine for most drivers, but performance enthusiasts and those who want extra stopping power, will often opt for aftermarket brake parts.

Be sure to use a great deal of care when replacing your brake parts. If you do not feel comfortable with your own mechanical skills, it may be best to have a professional install the new parts for you. Working on your own brakes is not the time to test your mechanical aptitude. If your brakes are installed incorrectly, they may fail and cause a severe accident.

It is recommended that you have your brakes checked each time your vehicle’s oil is changed – about every 6,000 miles. This quick inspection, paired with proper maintenance of your brake pads, will prevent problems down the road, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

by Quinton Becker

Quinton Becker writes about cars. By planning ahead, you can save money by buying your next set of brake pads online, along with any other auto parts you might need. doesn’t limit their selection to Chrysler parts -they carry auto parts for dozens of makes and models.

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