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Auto Performance Tuning

There is much more than engine tuning that can be done to your auto to increase performance. Every working part of your car can be fined-tuned to increase speed, smoothness in shifting, and drivability. Let’s explore the main areas of performance tuning and see how each can contribute to a better driving experience.

Engine Tuning

There are a few main areas of tuning that can help give your car or truck an engine performance upgrade. One is to install a performance chip. A performance chip can be put in engines that have fuel injection and an ECU, or Electronic Control Unit. With a performance chip, non-turbo engines often result in about a 10 percent power boost while turbo engines often see an increase of 25 to 30 horsepower! Also there are many home based tuners out there that are better than performance chips. These tuners now have the software to do more upgrades to your auto than chip can. They can customize shift points, tire diameter, upgrade according to upgrades done to auto (headers, exhaust, intake, ect).They can also improve your gas mileage per gas tank. Most home based tuners even do retunes for future upgrades done to your car or truck.

Air Filters and Tuning

If you have a fuel-injected car, you can also add massive airflow by removing the original air box, which has the air filter and hoses and then replacing it with a cold air intake system. The cold air intake system is a cone filter that can be added directly to the air flow meter, therefore, creating a more directed, uninterrupted airflow to the engine. More air means better engine performance. Also helps keep engine temperature down.

Aftermarket Exhaust

With an aftermarket exhaust you are improving horsepower and torque by giving you car better air flow. There are performance exhausts that lower pressure restrictions for fumes that are on their way out. The more air you have coming into your engine the more air that is going to be forced through your exhaust, so you want more room for that air to travel and less restriction.

A Better Ride with Upgraded Suspension

Suspension is another car tuning area that most often people dont notice. Lowering your car with lowering springs or a (drop kit) can enhance appearance and the ride of the car. Handling of the car is improved by reducing of roll when taking corners. Also, the tires will have improved contact with the road. Lowering of the car also enhances aerodynamics because it lowers the center of gravity and keeps more air from going underneath the car, therefore creating less drag.

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