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Advance Orders for Nissan GT-R Exceed 2,200

Nissan GT-R– Strong Demand for Skyline Coupe Fueling Sports Car Revival in Japan –

In less than two months since pre-orders were accepted for the all-new Nissan GT-R in Japan, orders have already reached 2,282, exceeding by a factor of 11 the planned monthly sales total. GT-R goes on sale in Japan on December 6th.

The rise in demand for sports cars in Japan has also been boosted by the all-new Nissan Skyline coupe, which went on sale October 2nd. Orders for the coupe stand at over 2,400 against a planned monthly sales total of 200 units.

Both the GT-R and Skyline Coupe have been positively received by both enthusiasts and consumers who previously were showing little interest in sports cars. Information and access to these new sports cars has been comprehensive, with dedicated websites set up for GT-R and the recent Tokyo Motor Show allowing customers to see both vehicles together for the first time. Websites, blogs and internet forums have been used extensively by consumers in Japan to share information and discuss the new cars.

“It is encouraging to see that Japanese customers have been inspired by these new sports cars from Nissan,” said Kaji Yoshimitsu, Marketing Director for Skyline and GT-R. “Nissan is a company with a long heritage of building passionate cars for enthusiasts, and we see the GT-R and Skyline Coupe bringing those customers back to the showroom,” continued Yoshimitsu.

Breaking down the pre-orders for the new GT-R reveals that 60% of the buyers are under 50 years old with the most popular grade series being the Premium edition and the most popular color being Pearl White (27% of all orders).

The all-new Skyline coupe is most popular in Pearl White (23.3% of all orders) with 70% of vehicles being either the 370GT Type S or Type SP grades. The buyer profile shows that 52.1% of Skyline Coupe customers are under 50 years old.

Source: Nissan

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