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2016 Honda HR-V SLF “Selfie” Edition – Allows the Driver to take Selfies

Press Release : SLF ‘Selfie’ Edition for 2016 Honda HR-V
2016 HR-V SLF 'Selfie' Edition

2016 HR-V SLF ‘Selfie’ Edition

Good news for those who are addicted to selfies, Honda now offers a trim called “SLF” which will be available on the new 2016 HR-V, a smaller-than-the-CR-V version that Honda announced last year at the New York Auto Show and will be available this summer.

According to data from Samsung and, over 30 percent of all photos are taken by people age 18-24 being selfies, and over 1 million selfies being taken every day.

The Honda HR-V SLF trim will have the “SLF” badge affixed at the rear, and feature 10 selfie cameras inside and outside all over the vehicle to take pictures whenever you like.  With the standard equipped multi-angle rear-view camera, the HR-V SLF will have 11 cameras overall, or even more depending on additional upgrades.

The selfies can be taken and uploaded directly to popular social media sites by connecting a smartphone to HondaLink.

For those who want selfies while driving, too bad! The selfie functions can only be activated while the car is parked.

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