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2012 Mazda5 Specs

2012 Mazda5 Specifications

2012 Mazda5 is powered by a 2.5-liter MZR I4 engine, which also sees use in the MAZDA3, MAZDA6 and CX-7, and can be paired with either a manual or automatic transmission.

The MZR 2.5-liter featured in the new MAZDA5 is a light, compact design that offers higher performance yet better fuel efficiency than the previous generation.

The MZR 2.5-liter produces its maximum output of 157 hp at a lower rpm than the previous 2.3-liter (6,000 rpm), and also delivers more torque (163 ft-lb at 4,000 rpm) throughout its operating range for a more satisfying and relaxing driving experience. In addition, a tall sixth gear allows quiet and comfortable cruising. [Continue on 2012 Mazda5 Overview]

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