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2012 Mazda5 Exterior, Interior and Driving Scenes

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2012 Mazda5

In approaching the development of the all-new 2012 MAZDA5, Hideki Matsuoka, MAZDA5 program manager, took the best of the current model and set out to further evolve it. The team aimed to create a new multi-activity vehicle (MAV) that combines superior environmental performance with a new expression of stylish design. Matsuoka’s concept for the new MAZDA5 was to bring to the market a “contemporary smart choice.”

Matsuoka and team identified five key values in the development of the 2012 MAZDA5:

  • Smart and emotional design
  • Rational, easy-to-use functionality
  • Developed with the utmost quality
  • Refined, dynamic driving performance without compromising environmental performance.

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