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2011 Honda CR-Z Driving Scenes

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Honda CRX inspired from the ’80s
For those who remember the Honda CRX from the 1980s, the two cars share an obvious resemblance with shallow raked roofline, truncated rear, split level rear glass hatch and aerodynamic styling. But the CR-Z is the 21st century rethinking of this car, with cleaner tailpipe emissions, great fuel economy and an exciting drive.

The exterior design of CR-Z deliberately evokes the iconic style of the 1980s CRX, which was originally developed to provide a small, stylish car that could achieve spectacular economy.

Signature features of the CRX, like the split level rear glass hatch and low shallow raked roofline have been referenced in the design of the sleek coupe and then combined with a curvaceous and deeply sculpted exterior form.

The shallow raked roofline and sharply truncated tail of the CR-Z is a key Honda design feature shared with many models past and present. At A Glance & Overview

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