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2011 Nissan Safety Innovation: Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera

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Using the Around View Monitor image processing technology, Nissan developed Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera, which detects people, other vehicles and road conditions in the rear and sides of the vehicle, to alert drivers of possible collision risks.  This system has the following three functions and will be installed in new models from 2012, followed by global distribution.

Blind Spot Warning
If the driver operates the turn signal while not being aware of other vehicles traveling in the driver’s blind spot, a buzzer is sounded simultaneously with an indication lamp flashing on the front pillar to warn the driver of the vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning
The rear camera works to detect the white lines on the road.  If the driver does not use the turn signal and starts to drift from their current lane unintentionally, a buzzer is sounded and a signal on the display warns the driver that the car is drifting into another lane.

Moving Object Detection
When the vehicle is placed in reverse, the rear camera’s image processing function works to detect moving objects or people, such as pedestrians, around the vehicle.  On detection of a moving object, the driver is warned with a buzzer and display signals.  Nissan plans to apply this function to Around View Monitor in the Elgrand, where minor changes are planned for this November.

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