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2010 Toyota Prius Exterior

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2010 Toyota Prius Exterior

In designing the new Prius, aerodynamic performance was an important factor, as was preserving brand recognition. The goal was to create a striking yet still familiar silhouette, while not compromising function. Designers preserved the dynamic triangle form of the current model — instantly recognizable as a Prius — but made alterations to the overall profile, pillar position and angle.
The overall height of the Prius is the same as the previous model, but moving the peak 3.9 inches to the rear alters the roof profile. This change maintains the wedge shape, and also allows for enhanced rear headroom and improved aerodynamics.

The design of the new Prius’ front and rear corners are sharp, sporty and aerodynamic. Strong side character lines, rising from front to rear, define the smooth, geometric shape. Viewed from the rear, wider rear treads provide a solid, firmly rooted stance. The 106.3-inch wheelbase is the same as the previous generation. Overall length is slightly increased by 0.6 inches, in part by moving the front cowl forward. (2010 Toyota Prius Overview)

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