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2009 Toyota Tundra TR Concept at 2008 SEMA

The 2009 Tundra TR Concept is directed to the drag racing segment of automobile enthusiasts.

2009 Toyota Tundra TR Concept

Back in the 60’s and early 70’s, auto manufacturers responded to the growing desire for high performance automobiles by creating a segment now known as muscle cars. The ideal concept was to pair the lightest platform with the largest motor, thus giving the buyer the best horsepower to weight ratio possible. While many of the packages loudly advertised the car’s performance (SuperBee, Boss 302, GTO, Challenger,etc.) some of the most potent combinations had little to no options and no exterior differentiation from the base model cars to create a “sleeper.” These cars are best described by a quote from Teddy Roosevelt: “Speak softly, but carry a Big Stick.”

The Thunder Pak concept starts with the lightest possible Tundra in the Tundra Grade Regular Cab, paired with the awesome power of the 5.7L iForce V8. The Thunder Pak system is intended to provide customers performance packages at a discount to upgrade the performance of their Tundra. This unassuming truck has been equipped with a compliment of TRD equipment including a supercharger which boosts the performance to 500HP/550TQ. Performance has been further enhanced with a Nitrous Oxide Systems dual tank nitrous oxide system resulting in a dyno-proved 625HP. All aspects of the motor are monitored through a selection of Autometer Gauges.


* 2009 Tundra Regular Cab
* Tundra Grade
* 4X2
* Black with Black interior
* 5.7L V8
* Bucket seats

TRD Sport Tuner includes:

* Matte black front and rear bumpers, grille surround
* 18-inch Standard steel wheels (painted black)
* Black gauge surround, shifter surround, door plates

Thunder Pak #1 includes:

* TRD Sport suspension (lowering kit)
* TRD Exhaust (ceramic coated black)

Thunder Pak #2 includes:

* TRD Supercharger
* TRD Boost Gauge

Aftermarket Equipment:

* Nitrous Oxide Systems 150HP shot dual 10lb tank
* Autometer Gauges
* Sport Comp II nitrous pressure
* Sport Comp II oil presssure
* Ultimate 5-inch pedestal mount tach

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