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2008 Honda S2000 – Interior At-A-Glance

2008 Honda S2000 interiorThe S2000’s driver-oriented interior is designed to be functional in much the same way as a purpose-built racecar with excellent outward visibility and simplicity of controls. The ergonomically-engaging driving controls are placed within ideal proximity for performance driving purposes. As one would expect, the deeply-bolstered seats provide high-levels of lateral support. The specially-developed S2000 CR interior further captures racecar-derived inspiration with an exclusive fabric interior, a spherical aluminum shift knob and the elimination of weight-intensive comfort and convenience features.

S2000 Interior Features:

  • Driver-oriented control layout
  • Digital instrument panel with large tachometer display
  • Dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags (SRS)
  • 3-point seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiter
  • Air conditioning with micron air-filtration system (optional on CR)
  • AM/FM/CD audio system with remote-operated audio controls (included on CR with A/C)
  • Keyless entry system
  • Power windows, door locks and mirrors
  • Engine start button
  • Cruise control
  • Leather-trimmed seats (fabric with high-grip synthetic suede bolsters on CR)
  • Aluminum, leather-wrapped shift knob (spherical, all-aluminum on CR)
  • Lockable center console storage lockable compartment and two beverage holders with one-touch sliding lid
  • 12-volt power outlet
  • Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System

Exclusive Honda S2000 CR Interior Features

  • Fabric seating surfaces with yellow stitching and synthetic suede side bolsters for added grip
  • Spherical aluminum shift knob with reduced shift stroke and increased engagement feel
  • Peak-power indicator light
  • Deleted air conditioning and audio system for weight reduction (optional)
  • Deleted sound insulation for weight reduction
  • Synthetic suede door inserts
  • Carbon fiber-look interior accents
  • Floor mats with yellow S2000 logo

Driver-Oriented Interior

As a pure sports car, the S2000 is crafted with careful attention to the layout, placement and ease-of-use of controls for high-performance driving. The instrument panel curves around each side of the central instrument pod. Smaller pod wings house controls for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, audio, cruise control, the engine start button and the air outlets. The deeply-bolstered seats manually adjust forward, backward and recline. A padded and carpeted central console separates the seats. The sculpted door inserts are upholstered in leather (synthetic suede on CR) and include an armrest, grab handle, power window and door-lock controls. The driver’s door includes power-mirror controls.

The gas, brake and clutch aluminum pedals have a textured-metal finish, and are positioned for optimal heel-and-toe operation. The padded 3-spoke steering wheel has cruise control buttons for set, resume and cancel. The gear selector, emergency flasher switch, hand brake lever and power-operated convertible soft top switch (if equipped) are housed in the central console, along with beverage holders and a pocket for small items, such as coins. A compartment located on the rear bulkhead, between the driver’s and passenger’s shoulders, features a hinged, locking cover and functions as a glove compartment. Two additional storage areas are located within the compartment in the rear bulkhead (to the sides).

Digital Instrument Display

The digital instrument display prominently features within easy driver view a large, semi-circular bar-type tachometer divided into 100-rpm increments. When the engine redline of 8000 rpm is exceeded at 8100 rpm, the tachometer blinks in the red set of LEDs above the 8000 rpm mark. The fuel cutoff is set at 8200 rpm. A highly-visible digital speedometer readout is below the tachometer display, as well as readouts for the odometer, dual trip meters, digital clock, outside temperature display and various warning indicators. For an improved aesthetic appearance, the fuel and temperature meters have been relocated on all 2008 models from the middle-right region of the display to the upper-right region and follow the same arc created by the tachometer.

The S2000 CR instrument panel display includes a “peak-power indicator” that shows the rpm range where peak power occurs and adds an extra measure of fun and connectedness to the driving experience. When the engine is operating at or near peak power, a round, green light illuminates to the right of the digital speedometer. When the indicator blinks, engine rpms are approaching the range of maximum power. When the indicator remains steady, the engine rpms are in the range of maximum power.

Gear Selector (S2000 CR)

A spherical aluminum shift knob on the S2000 CR rests 12.6 mm lower for a 6 percent reduction in shift stroke compared to the regular S2000 cylindrical shift knob (aluminum/leather wrapped). Additionally, S2000 CR shift load effort increases by 10 percent for even more direct feedback when engaging a gear

Sport Seats

The S2000 sport seats are designed to provide high levels of occupant support during performance driving, yet be comfortable enough for everyday use. Leather trimmed seats are standard on the S2000. The S2000 CR seats follow a traditional racecar theme with fabric seating surfaces highlighted by yellow stitching. Synthetic suede bolsters enhance lateral grip, and the seat foam conforms more to the occupant for an enhanced fit.

Audio System

The AM/FM/CD audio system (standard on S2000 and available on S2000 CR) is located in the center of the instrument panel behind a flip-up cover. The 120-watt, eight-speaker system features two front mid-range speakers in the lower door panel, two tweeters mounted on the upper door and four tweeters mounted in the roll bar hoops (2 per hoop, located near the top of each seatback). The head unit is XM Satellite Radio-capable with the addition of a dealer-installed XM Satellite Radio Receiver and antenna. The optional satellite antenna mounts on the rear deck lid.

Air Conditioning with Micron Filtration System

Air conditioning is standard on the S2000 and available on the S2000 CR. The various functions of the air-conditioning system are manually controlled. Specially-designed heater outlets located at knee level and the center outlet in the instrument panel help extend comfort when the top is down (or removed) in cool weather. The air conditioning system features a replaceable micron air filter.

Maintenance Minder Display

The S2000 displays engine oil life and maintenance service items on the information display located under the digital speedometer. Based on the engine operating conditions and accumulated engine revolutions, the onboard computer calculates the remaining engine oil life and displays it as a percentage. Maintenance item codes are referenced in the owner’s manual and include references to the air cleaner element, transmission fluid, spark plugs, engine coolant differential fluid, and more.

S2000 Safety Systems

The driver’s and passenger’s front airbags both use a compact airbag that fits the S2000’s small-diameter steering wheel and instrument panel. The lower anchor points for the S2000’s 3-point, auto-locking seat belts are at the side sill and seat. The upper anchor bolts to a bracket mounted directly on the S2000’s rollbars.

The S2000 body and the highly rigid high X-bone frame’s central tunnel, straight front and rear side members, side sills and floor frame are designed to form a strong three-point support structure and are designed to distribute loads evenly. The resulting body structure boasts the rigidity and passenger protection of a closed-top vehicle in full-frontal and rear impacts. The driver’s and passenger’s roll bar hoops are made of 1.5-inch diameter high-strength steel pipe with a 0.08-inch wall thickness, and tied directly into the frame. Protection is further enhanced by reinforced door pillars, windshield posts and the windshield frame.

The S2000 incorporates pedestrian injury-reducing technology in the form of collapsible hood hinges and windshield-wiper pivots, designed to help minimize the severity of injury to a pedestrian in a collision.

Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System

An Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System is standard. The ignition key has a built-in transponder, which, when removed, immobilizes the engine fuel injection and ignition so the engine cannot be started. When the key is inserted, a radio signal from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is sent to the transponder. An indicator lamp on the instrument panel lets the driver know that the immobilizer system has accepted the key.

Source: Honda

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